Thank You

I am so proud of our campaign.

For those who haven't seen the results, we received 28 percent of the vote. Anita Bonds won the race with 32 percent. It's disappointing, for sure. Many of us worked so hard, and I can't thank you enough for your outstanding efforts.

I am in good spirits, though, and I want you to be, as well. In my mind, we accomplished so much:

  • We proved that a viable campaign does not need special interest or corporate money
  • We proved that a viable campaign talks about a progressive vision for the city that includes policy positions on paid sick days, a living wage, affordable housing, and a tax system that is fair to all residents
  • We proved that a candidate who gets Tea Party money is not progressive
  • We proved that you shouldn't get your local news from the Washington Post editorial or Metro pages because they spin narratives that are misleading and inaccurate
  • We proved that there is a hunger for reform and change in our city, and our campaign is just the first step in delivering that to the Wilson Building.

Thank you for investing in me. It was a big responsibility and a great honor.

I want to thank all of you for your confidence, for your votes, for your financial contributions. This campaign was organic, and so many of you stepped forward to play so many pivotal roles. Thank you. We have built a strong, grassroots progressive community across the city as a result.

I meant what I said last night: This is just the beginning of a progressive reform agenda for our city. We've started a movement, and the next step is figuring out how to use all our great energy and talents to push our agenda forward. 

Thank you again. It has been an honor to be your candidate.

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We need preferential voting/instant-runoff in DC. Combine the votes for the two runners-up and one of them would have won. What would it take to establish that? The hallmark of democracy is majority rule! I would hope the runners-up could pool your residual campaign energy (if there is any) and make this change for next election.